My name is still Annabelle Bäuerle, I'm still 35 years old and I still enjoy what I call my passion and my hobby: dealing with languages ​​and people! Thanks to my inquisitive and diligent students, thank you for being able to follow this up! It fills me with joy to be able to accompany you a piece of your school career!

Nevertheless, a lot has changed with me, which is why it is time to write this text here.
Since April 2017, I'm attending a retraining to become a businesswoman for office management and so everything should work, I'll have this done at the end of November and once again be looking for a permanent position.
But until it's done, there are still five months left to overcome. Then, hopefully, I'll be able to finish this chapter. Otherwise, as always, I'll be pleased when my website gets potential students on the scene, invites them to stay or inspire.

Enjoy browsing!